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The Scottish FA invites you show support for the Positive Coaching Scotland programme by signing up to the PCS Pledge.

Pledge your support to;

Develop a football culture in Scotland where young players are developed positively, learn to win through effort and develop skills for life through football.

PCS aims to; • Create a more enjoyable football experience for all involved • Supporting the teaching of life lessons and character development • Foster better player development and performance • Keep young people in football longer Make your pledge now!


We instil and reinforce positive values, attitudes and behaviours to the key people in the game including players, coaches, parents and club leaders.

We Teach young players how to play to the rules, how to respect opponents and referees, how to work together as a team and to have self-respect.


Filling the emotional tank is building confidence, resilience and a work ethos in a young player.

Positive re-enforcement will not only make them a better football player with increased chances of fulfilling their potential, but it will provide them with vital skills for every walk of life.


Our vision is a football culture in Scotland where young players are developed in a positive, safe environment, where they learn to win through effort and where valuable life lessons are developed.

Through the Positive Coaching Scotland programme we are driving change.

Positive Coaching Scotland gives everyone involved in the game the tools to develop top football players and happy, successful, confident, and respectful young people.

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Winning is success through effort Don't just focus on match results and league positions.

Understand that building confidence, focusing on effort and learning, valuing sportmanship, encouraging resilience and motivating young players will ultimately develop better football players, produce better results and leave young people with useful life skills.

Club Leaders
Club leader with teamAs a leader of a football club you have great power to shape the culture within your club and to have a positive impact on youth. We have tools and resources available to support you.

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Coach with ballBe the most effective coach you can be by combining your football knowledge with our tools to develop good football players, teams and young people.

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dad and daughterAs a parent of a young football player you are also effectively a coach and a role model. Your support and encouragement is crucial to their development and success.

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boy shootingYou play the game because you love it. Positive players strive to win games but they also focus on playing the game fairly, learning and developing through effort and being a team player.

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