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William Beveridge

Date of Birth: November 27, 1858 (age 158)

Appearances: 3

Goals: 1

Yellow Cards: 0

Red Cards: 0


William Wightman Beveridge was born in Cumnock (Ayrshire) on 27 November, 1858. He died on 20 January 1941.
A fast forward player, who was also a Scottish athletics sprint champion, he learned his football at Ayr Academy, which at that time produced several players of note. He was at Glasgow University when capped, towards the end of his four years as an undergraduate, and then moved on to Edinburgh University to study divinity. In 1883 he became the Reverand Beveridge and was ordained as a
International Challenge Match
Date Home Team - Score - Away Team Goals Cards
27 Mar 1880 SCOTLAND   5 - 1   WALES
07 Apr 1879 WALES   0 - 3   SCOTLAND  
05 Apr 1879 ENGLAND   5 - 4   SCOTLAND  
Team Captain Goal Yellow Card Red Card
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