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SJFA Umbro Quadrangular Tournament Appointments

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Scottish Junior FA is hosting the Umbro Quadrangular Tournament from 11th to 14th October with representative teams from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man.


The match schedule and appointment of match officials is:


Wednesday 11th October – kick-off 2.30pm


Republic of Ireland v. Isle of Man

Somervell Park, Cambuslang


Referee: Lloyd Wilson

AR1: Alan MacFadyen

AR2: Chris Hughes

Fourth Official: Chris McTiernan


Northern Ireland v. Scottish Junior FA

McKenna Park, Glasgow


Referee: Andrew Lodge (Isle of Man)

AR1: Liam Butler

AR2: Andy Taylor

Fourth Official: Declan Troy (Republic of Ireland)


Thursday 12th October – kick-off 7.00pm


Isle of Man v. Northern Ireland

New Tinto Park, Glasgow


Referee: David Dickinson

AR1: Ross Birrell

AR2: Gary Hanvidge

Fourth Official: Garry Doherty


Scottish Junior FA v. Republic of Ireland

New Western Park, Renfrew


Referee: Mark Dillon (Northern Ireland)

AR1: Tony Fullerton

AR2: Alastair Taylor

Fourth Official: Andrew Lodge (Isle of Man)


Saturday 14th October – kick-off 2.30pm


Republic of Ireland v. Northern Ireland

McKenna Park, Glasgow


Referee: Graham Grainger

AR1: Eddie Ferguson

AR2: Martin Hristov

Fourth Official: Connor Ashwood


Isle of Man v. Scottish Junior FA

Newlandsfield Park, Glasgow


Referee: Declan Troy (Republic of Ireland)

AR1: Euan Birch

AR2: Robert Peacock

Fourth Official: Mark Dillon (Northern Ireland)



Note: due to the playing of the tournament, there are no West Region Junior FA fixtures on 14th October.

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