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Standard Award

Girl 7v7s


The Standard Award ensures that basic club operating standards are in place. Putting basic criteria in place will make for a more robust and sustainable club strucuture. Participating clubs should consist of one or more teams.

By establishing a basic club strucuture, the Scottish FA will continue to work with clubs who wish to grow to 'Development Club' status.


This Standard Award is also aimed at those clubs which cannot grow their club due to geography or population but where quality of football provision is clearly visible. An example of this being clubs in the more remote areas of Scotland.


Criteria to be adopted before the Standard Quality Mark can be awarded:


Minimum number of teamsOne or more
Roles & responsibilities for committee office bearersSFA Quality Mark Tick if applicable
Record of all official MeetingsSFA Quality Mark Tick if applicable
Volunteer job descriptionsSFA Quality Mark Tick if applicable
Volunteer OfficerSFA Quality Mark Tick if applicable
Organisational StructureN/A
ConstitutionSFA Quality Mark Tick
Affiliation to Appropriate Governing BodySFA Quality Mark Tick
Affiliated to Local Sports CouncilSFA Quality Mark Tick Desirable
Bank AccountSFA Quality Mark Tick
Appropriate InsuranceSFA Quality Mark Tick
Coach CoordinatorSFA Quality Mark Tick Desirable
Coach QualificationPer Team: At least one coach to have attained Level 2 Children/Youth certification
Remaining coaches to have attained Level 1 Children/Youth certification
Minimum Equipment
(Per Team)
One ball: two players
One set marker cones
One set training bibs
One first-aid kit
Minimum Coach: Player RatioChildren 1: 10
Youth/Adult 1: 20
Minimum Coaching: Game RatioOne Coaching Session: One Game

Desirable For Standard Level

Football Development Plan to include:One Year (Rolling)
1. Coach DevelopmentSFA Quality Mark Tick
2. Volunteer Recruitment / DevelopmentSFA Quality Mark Tick
3. Player Recruitment / DevelopmentSFA Quality Mark Tick
4. Season scheduleSFA Quality Mark Tick
5. Links with Clubs/SchoolsSFA Quality Mark Tick
Adopt a child protection policySFA Quality Mark Tick
Player Welfare OfficerSFA Quality Mark Tick
All volunteers Disclosure CheckedSFA Quality Mark Tick
Health & Safety PolicySFA Quality Mark Tick If applicable (i.e. Own or leased faclilty)

Safety checklist - Risk assessment carried out

SFA Quality Mark Tick

Codes of ConductSFA Quality Mark Tick
Qualified First- Aider(s)One per Team


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