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Frank Reilly

Frank Reilly
National Team Administrator

My days are very much dependent on whether or not we have a game. If I’m in the office, I’d probably be dealing with the preparation of selection letters for players selected to play in matches ahead, being that U21 or within the A team. Selection letters need to go to the clubs 15 days prior to the match, so time management is really key.


Then it’s all about preparing the itinerary and the squad selection notice to clubs and players. Before that though, I need to make sure I know training times, that hotels and flights are booked and liaise with the hosting partners or with relevant associations in case of international players.


I also manage Gordon Strachan’s diary, so I deal with requests from associations or charities wanting his presence.


When I’m away with the squad there are no set times. It’s a 24-hour job with the phone always on the go as I deal with transport arrangements, hotels, visas and documents, insurances, catering and everything else in between. My responsibility is making sure that no issues arise and that the players as well as the team manager can focus on the game at hand.


I’m a football man, so to have the opportunity to work with the National Team is a dream come true. I’ve worked with the best managers in the field, seeing the best teams in the world, high quality players and basically being paid for my hobby.


My role is challenging and there isn’t a lot of down time but it’s so rewarding when the team are able to get some victories and the whole organisation, the whole nation, cheers with you!

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