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Paul Fitzpatrick

Paul Fitzpatrick
Football Equity Coordinator

On a typical day I switch on the PC and deal with the emails first, then it’s coffee time! Once I’ve got a hot cup of coffee in my hand I can focus on my to-do list and the items for that day according to importance - plus whatever my manager decides for me to work on that day.


My role is to coordinate the Equity Project and bring together the good work the Equity Officers (FEOs) do in the regions in trying to get in touch with Black and Ethnic Minority communities and support them in participating in mainstream football. I normally receive stats and raw data from the different events or contacts we hold in the region. I will then analyse and make sense of these, so to make sure all the FEOs work together towards the same goals: from increasing participation, delivering coach education, or simply giving someone the opportunity to play for the first time.


I like the fact that most days are different and that increasing participation within black and ethnic minorities is an area never explored before. We have the chance to make a difference into these communities, which is so exciting.


The thing I like the most is the atmosphere in the team. We all love what we do and we are all very focused, which creates harmony. We all realise how big a job this is.


What has been most rewarding for me so far was seeing many of the people we had contact with in the communities come together during festivals or events. It was an achievement seeing so many people from different backgrounds play together in a structured competition, instead of playing with their mates on a pitch, and this brought a bit of a buzz to the event.


Without sounding too cheesy, I absolutely love my job, it’s a dream come true.

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