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David McArdle

David McArdle
Disability Development Officer


When I’m in the office, I usually start my day checking my emails and making sure there are no issues that need my immediate attention. I then prepare for upcoming events and this may involve offering support to clubs, or dealing with National Disability Squads Programmes, or supporting the Football Development department with their events. Every day is different and, although there is a lot of travel involved, I like meeting the community groups, the different associations and the clubs.


I like the variety of my role; it constantly presents new challenges but also new opportunities to develop the game. Disability football is an area still relatively new and it’s really rewarding being able to change things and participate to the improvement of the game, but also seeing players grow, improve and meet their full potential.


There have been big changes already with a much clearer communication path and much more is being done to include disability in that.


I also have a role in coach education and I like getting out there with coaches and volunteers and change their mind sets, knowing that they will bring their knowledge back to the clubs, influencing more and more people for the better.


The Scottish FA is a fantastic organisation to work for. It looks forward and always tries to be the best they can be. It’s also the only organisation where, when things go well, it can affect the mood of an entire country. 

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