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Neil MacKintosh

Neil MacKintosh 
Performance Development Manager


Within my role, I manage the performance school programme and staff, including the performance analyst, and help manage the 7 regional squads and national development squads. We have over 400 players in the 7 Performance Schools and I also assist the Performance Director, so we can fairly say I’m a busy man!



Every day is different. Typically though my day starts around 8am when I get early phone calls into my performance coaches as later in the day they will be on the pitch and not available. Then I would spend the morning at Hampden dealing with emails, clubs, organising events, in service training for staff. If I’m lucky I’d be able to go to a performance school. A good day is when I manage to see a ball rolling.


Yesterday for example I was at Toryglen Regional Centre for a Festival and we managed to talk to parents and watched the young players perform against the other schools. It’s rewarding seeing them grow and develop! I like being on the pitch and I like developing talented young players, you get plenty of satisfaction knowing that you’ve played a small part in developing someone and make sure he or she becomes the best they can be.


People in this organisation are very good. It’s the reason why I joined! And also it’s a challenging environment. We have a huge responsibility to the country, clubs and young people and we all feel it.


The challenge when I got this role was forming a team from scratch. I needed to look at top quality people that could work together. It was like forming a football team, you need people with different skills but able to work together. Three years on it’s a group of people that balance each other very well, with different strengths and weaknesses. Certainly there are challenges, not least the fact that most of my team is located remotely and with our diary it means working around commitments, organising very early or very late calls, but it’s a team I’m very proud of and, even more, I’m proud of the work we have done together.

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