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Creating a Performance Environment


Expected Objectives:

- Setting and working towards your goals and following a workable path to      achieving this. 
- Evaluating how your organisation and preparation can support and develop routines essential  to reaching your potential.

- Understanding your preferred approaches and how others see you; develop strategies to work smarter.

-  Maximising your biggest asset (you) in developing relationships.

- Understanding what motivates you and your players; how do you align these to their values for the benefit of the team and a performance improvement.

- Creating a motivational climate within your club.

- Understanding and a develop communication style and how this can assist in conflict resolution and getting the most out of your players.

- Developing and managing your state (and your players) confidence, calmness and dealing with stress/anxiety.

- Knowing your role in teams, as a leader, or a supporter and the communication skills needed to achieve this.


Creating a Performance Environment

The Creating a Performance Environment course is designed for any coach that who is serious about improving their performance. This course will provide hands on experience and tips to maximise you and your players performance. Our course focuses on an enhanced environment in the coach/player relationship and operates to increase the perfromance impact. Applicants must have a UEFA B Licence prior to applying for this course.


Programme Outline:
1. Understanding yourself, why you do what you do!
2. Reflecting with purpose, making you more effective.
3. Creating the environment for optimum learning
4. Maintaining the dynamic (staff, players, environment)
5. Maximising performance through mutual understanding



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