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Ardagh Glass League Cup - Cup Stages
Ardagh Glass League Cup - Cup Stages Semi Final
03 Sep 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.1v3Glenafton Athletic F.C.
Ardagh Glass League Cup - Cup Stages Quarter Final
01 Sep 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.2v0Irvine Meadow F.C.

Scottish Junior Cup
Scottish Junior Cup Scottish Junior Cup Round 5
21 Feb 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.0v2Hurlford United F.C.
Scottish Junior Cup Round 4
17 Jan 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.-Kilsyth Rangers F.C.Postponed: Sat, 24 Jan
24 Jan 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.4v2Kilsyth Rangers F.C.
Scottish Junior Cup Round 3
22 Nov 14FC Stoneywood -Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.NewmacharPostponed: Sat, 29 Nov
29 Nov 14FC Stoneywood-Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.Findon Park (Parkvale)Postponed: Sat, 06 Dec
06 Dec 14FC Stoneywood2v2Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.Davidson Park (Longside)Replay 0-4
Scottish Junior Cup Round 2
25 Oct 14Glasgow Perthshire F.C. 1v2Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.

Ayrshire Weekly Press Cup
Ayrshire Weekly Press Cup Quarter Final
27 May 15Auchinleck Talbot F.C.7v0Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
Ayrshire Weekly Press Cup Round 2
28 Mar 15Craigmark Burntonians F.C.2v7Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.

New Coin Holdings Cup
New Coin Holdings Cup Round 2
28 Feb 15Kilsyth Rangers F.C.1v1Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.Pen 4-2
New Coin Holdings Cup Round 1
18 Oct 14Lanark United F.C.2v3Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.

Ardagh Glass League Cup
Ardagh Glass League Cup Section 1
09 Aug 14Dalry Thistle F.C.1v1Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
13 Aug 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.1v0Largs Thistle F.C.
16 Aug 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.3v2Beith Juniors F.C.
20 Aug 14Kilwinning Rangers F.C.3v5Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
23 Aug 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.5v0Ardrossan Winton Rovers F.C.

Stagecoach West of Scotland League
Stagecoach West of Scotland League Super League Premier Division
30 Aug 14Hurlford United F.C.3v1Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
06 Sep 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.0v1Petershill F.C.
13 Sep 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.5v1Cumnock Juniors F.C.
27 Sep 14Shotts Bon Accord F.C.1v3Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
04 Oct 14Arthurlie F.C.3v4Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
11 Oct 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.3v5Irvine Meadow X1 F.C.
01 Nov 14Glenafton Athletic F.C.5v0Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
08 Nov 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.0v1Beith Juniors F.C.
15 Nov 14Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.0v4Troon F.C.
20 Dec 14Petershill F.C.3v1Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
27 Dec 14Irvine Meadow X1 F.C.1v3Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
03 Jan 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.2v3Hurlford United F.C.
10 Jan 15Cumnock Juniors F.C.-Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C. Postponed: TBC
31 Jan 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.-Glenafton Athletic F.C.Postponed: TBC
07 Feb 15Auchinleck Talbot F.C.-Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.Postponed: TBC
14 Feb 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.2v3Glenafton Athletic F.C.
07 Mar 15Clydebank F.C. -Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C. Postponed: TBC
14 Mar 15Troon F.C.2v1Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
21 Mar 15Cumnock Juniors F.C.0v0Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
04 Apr 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.2v2Shotts Bon Accord F.C.
11 Apr 15Beith Juniors F.C.0v0Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
15 Apr 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.3v1Arthurlie F.C.
18 Apr 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.6v0Clydebank F.C.
25 Apr 15Auchinleck Talbot F.C.2v0Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
04 May 15Clydebank F.C. 0v2Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.
16 May 15Kilbirnie Ladeside F.C.0v0Auchinleck Talbot F.C.