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The Association shall be called 'The Scottish Schools' Football Association', hereinafter referred to as 'The Association'.


The object of The Association shall be to foster the mental, moral and physical development and improvement of pupils through the medium of Association Football and to help charitable funds and purposes.


Membership of The Association shall be open to schools and to appropriately constituted Local Associations based in Scotland. 


Any Local Association desiring membership shall apply, through the General Secretary, to the Council of the Association which, subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting, shall have power to accept or reject such application. As a condition of membership, each local association shall satisfy the Council that it is a properly constituted association promoting football according to the Scottish Football Association rules, as modified by the Cup and Shield Competition Rules of the Association and incorporating the Association's determination of eligibility set out in the Cup and Shield Competition Rules of the Association.


In addition to affiliating to the local association, each school must also affiliate directly to the Scottish Schools' F.A. in order to:

      (a) participate in any Competition organised by this Association

      (b) enable pupils to participate in trials leading to the selection of National Squads.


The Council shall have power, however, to confer associate membership on any school which, for reasons acceptable to the Council, is not a member of a Local Association. Such membership shall entitle individual schools to (a) and (b) above, as appropriate. Such schools shall be:

      (a) bound by the Constitution to the extent that the articles are applicable   and

      (b) bound by the Cup and Shield Competition Rules.

They shall have no right to representation at General Meetings or on the Council of the Association.


Any school desiring to become an Associate Member  must apply not later than the 31st May in any year to the General Secretary, setting forth the reasons for desiring such membership, and enclosing the Affiliation Fee and Entry Fee(s) for competing in the appropriate competitions. In the event of the application being refused, all fees will be refunded.


Membership of The Scottish Schools' Football Association confers registered membership of The Scottish Football Association.


Schools in membership of local Associations affiliated to this Association are not permitted to become members of any other National Schools' Football Association or Schools' Football Federation.


Additional Categories


Life Membership shall be from time to time conferred on school teachers who have spent a lifetime working for the betterment of Schools' Football in Scotland. Life Members shall be eligible for such entitlements as may be determined by Council.


Honorary Patronship shall be from time to time conferred on persons who, by virtue of their personal contributions to and enthusiasm for Schools' Football, despite not being members of the teaching profession, are deserving of recognition. Patrons shall be eligible for such entitlements as may be determined by Council. 


Honorary Vice-Presidency shall be from time to time conferred on former members of the Association who have served at the highest level for more than 25 years. Such award is on the recommendation of the President's Committee and Council and shall be an appointment for life. Honorary Vice-President(s) shall be eligible for such entitlements as may be determined by Council. 





Local associations shall organise fixtures in the areas for which they are responsible and must agree to abide by the Cup and Shield competition Rules of the Association and by the decisions of Council or of any committee thereof in respect of matches under the direct control and jurisdiction of the Association. For breach of the Rules or non-compliance with any decision of Council or of any committee thereof, the Council shall have power to suspend or expel any local association from membership.


General, Council and Committee meetings shall be chaired by the President, failing whom the Vice-President, failing whom a nominee of the meeting.


At all meetings the Chairman shall have a deliberative and a casting vote.




The Annual General meeting of the Association shall be held in June each year on a date and at a venue to be decided by the President's Committee.


The business of the meeting shall be as follows:


     (a) to consider the General Secretary's Report


     (b) to consider the Treasurer's Report and Statement of Accounts


     (c) to elect the Office Bearers


     (d) to elect the Association's Representative to the Council of the Scottish Football Association


     (e) to elect Council and determine Council Standing Committees


     (f) to appoint an auditor/auditors for the ensuing year


     (g) to elect Life-Members and/or Honorary Patrons and/or Honorary Vice-Presidents 


     (h) to admit local associations to membership


     (i) to transact any other competent business.


The General Secretary shall give fourteen days' notice to all local associations in membership of the place, day and hour of the meeting, and accompanying such notice shall be an Abstract of Accounts, duly audited, and also the Agenda of business to be transacted at the said meeting. Notice of any business to be submitted at the Annual General Meeting must reach the General Secretary not later than twenty-one days prior to the meeting.




Each Local Association in membership shall be entitled to send three delegates to the Annual General Meeting. Delegates to General Meetings must be:

     (a) teachers who are football representatives at local or National level; or

     (b) teachers who are football officials at local or National level; or

     (c) retired teachers who are football officials at local or National level.


In the case of (a) & (b), the schools in which they are employed must be affiliated to local associations in membership of the Scottish Schools' Football Association.


In addition to delegates, the following are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting:

  •       Office Bearers and members of the President's Committee
  •       Life Members and Honorary Vice-Presidents
  •       Members of the preceding year's Council who are not delegates for a Local Association, such persons not being entitled to cast a vote at the Annual General Meeting.


The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be 30 eligible persons present and voting.




The following Office Bearers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Association: President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, International Teams Secretary, Competitions Secretary and not more than six Assistant Secretaries.


Nominations for President and Vice-President must be in the hands of the General Secretary not later than twenty-one days prior to the meeting.


The President and Vice-President shall be eligible for re-election, but shall not hold the same office for more than two consecutive years.


All other Office Bearers are eligible for re-election unless notice has been given to the contrary, in which case timeous intimation shall be made by the General Secretary to Local Associations.




The business of the Association shall be subject to the direction of Council.  


The Council of the Association will be elected at the Annual General Meeting and consist of the following, all of whom have full voting powers at meetings of Council:


  • The Office Bearers of the Association
  • The Representative to the Scottish FA and the immediate Past President
  • 32 elected members, with not less than four from each Region, as defined from time to time by the Scottish FA and subject to the pattern of local representation as set down by the Association.

In the event of vacancies or particular circumstances, President's Committee will have the power to recommend the co-option of a member of Council.


A minimum of two meetings of the Council shall be held during the period between Annual General Meetings. The quorum for Council meetings shall be 20 members present and voting.


The General Secretary shall give fourteen days' notice to all Council Members of the place, date and hour of Council Meetings, except in cases of urgency.


Council will form, and be responsible for deciding the business of, such Standing Committees as determined by the Annual General Meeting. Council shall also have power to co-opt persons other than Council members to such Standing Committees. Members of Council shall serve on their own Area Disciplinary Committee plus at least one Standing Committee.




The President's Committee shall comprise:

  • the Association Office Bearers
  • the Representative to the Scottish FA and the immediate Past President
  • Honorary Vice-Presidents


Members of the President's Committee shall have full voting powers at General Meetings and at meetings of Council, and ex officio on all committees of Council; they shall not be regarded as delegates for, or representatives of, their respective local associations or geographical areas.


The President's Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of Association business, subject to the direction of Council, including:

  • ongoing governance of the Association's business
  • Association finances, according to the terms of section 12 below
  • the power to call Special General Meetings and Council Meetings as provided for in this document
  • appeals & disciplinary matters


The President's Committee may, according to circumstances, form a Sub-committee to consider any given item of business.




The Operations Committee shall comprise:

  • the President
  • the Vice-President
  • the General Secretary
  • the Treasurer
  • the International Teams Secretary
  • the Competitions Secretary

The Operations Committee may also invite any Assistant Secretary to attend a meeting, according to the business of that meeting.


The Operations Committee shall, subject to the direction of the President's Committee, be responsible for the operational management of the Association, including:

  • the conduct of, and arrangements for the completion of, all competitions organised by the Association
  • the conduct of all arrangements relating to the selection of representative squads and the playing of international fixtures
  • such other operational matters as may be delegated by the President's Committee.




The Treasurer shall be responsible to the President's Committee for administering the funds of the Association. All membership fees and subscriptions, income from matches and other revenue shall be forwarded to him. He shall keep a detailed account of all the financial transactions of the Association and shall submit a Financial Statement to the Council and to the President's Committee thereof when required. All accounts and claims must be authorised by the President's Committee before payment is made.


The Treasurer shall pay to the members of the Secretariat an agreed sum as a petty cash float which they shall administer to defray the routine expenses incurred during the operation of their various remits.


On application, special grants may be paid to sub-committees or recognised bodies for particular purposes as authorised by the Council or the President's Committee thereof.


The Treasurer of the Association shall close the accounts of the Association annually on the last day of November. Thereafter he shall prepare a Financial Statement which, after being submitted to the President's Committee and duly audited, shall be submitted for approval to the Annual General Meeting of the Association.




The President's Committee shall have control of Appeals and Disciplinary Matters, including the power to delegate consideration of any case to an appropriately elected Sub-committee or the Operations Committee, according to the nature and timing of the matter.


In its exercise of responsibility, the President's Committee shall:

     a) appoint Area Disciplinary Committees for the purpose of dealing expeditiously with players, representatives or officials reported by referees or other competent persons, as having been guilty of offences, breaches of rule(s) and/or the Laws of the Game, misdemeanours or any other forms of improper conduct in matches played under the direct control and management of the Scottish Schools' Football Association and to supervise the work of such committees

     b) be prepared to offer guidance in respect of appropriate penalties to local associations and arising out of matches played under their jurisdiction

     c) exercise, generally, disciplinary powers by way of suspension or by any other appropriate means, over schools and local association officials of or representatives accredited to, or players participating in matches promoted by the latter or by this Association, subject always to the right of the school, local association, official or representative in question to appeal in writing to the Scottish Football Association within seven days of receiving notification of the decision, penalty or disciplinary measure imposed

     d) consider any appeal made by a school against a decision of its local association or by a school or local association against a decision of an Area Disciplinary Committee established in terms of part a) of this Article 

     e) deliberate upon any complaint regarding the conduct of a member of the Association who is employed by or attached to a club in membership of the SFA or any other National FA. Such complaint must be made in writing to the General Secretary. The President's Committee shall have powers to take disciplinary action if deemed appropriate in such a case.


Local associations and schools must notify the General Secretary immediately of any form of disciplinary action, including suspensions, together with the nature and particulars of the offence for which such action was taken.


Any penalty imposed may be revoked, varied or confirmed by the President's Committee.


In such cases, an aggrieved school may exercise its right to appeal in writing, within three days of receiving notice of the decision of its local association to the President's Committee.


Such an appeal must be sent via the General Secretary, and must be accompanied by a fee of £50 which may be forfeited at the discretion of the Committee. In all appeals, the party against whom the decision is given may be held liable for all or part of the expense involved in convening the meeting, subject to the discretion of the President's Committee. Thereafter, if still dissatisfied, the aggrieved school may appeal to the Scottish Football Association.


Local associations have a similar right of appeal to the Scottish Football Association against decisions of the Council or any of the aforementioned committees thereof.




A Special General Meeting of the Association may be called by:

  • the Council   or
  • the President's Committee   or
  • on a requisition signed by one-third of the Local Associations in membership, such meeting being convened within twenty-one days of the lodging of the requisition. The requisition must state clearly and specifically the business for which the meeting is called.


At least fourteen days' notice of a Special General Meeting must be given and the agenda for the meeting must accompany the notice convening it. The quorum for such a meeting shall be 30 eligible persons attending and voting. A Special General Meeting shall only consider the business for which it has been convened.




Alterations to and amendments of the Constitution can only be made at a General Meeting of the Association. Any amendments made at a Special General Meeting must be ratified by the subsequent Annual General Meeting. Notice of any proposed change must reach the General Secretary of the Association not later than twenty-one days prior to the meeting.


The retiring Council or President's Committee thereof shall have power to propose alterations and amendments. For such alterations and amendments to become effective, they must receive at least 60% of the votes cast by the delegates present and voting.




Any matter relating to the affairs of the Association not covered by these Articles or relating to the interpretation of same shall be referred to the President's Committee.


In the event of a decision being made by a General Meeting of the Association to dissolve the Association, said decision requiring the support of two-thirds of delegates present and voting, then the same meeting shall determine the disbursement of residual funds upon dissolution, bearing in mind the Association's objectives.