The Scottish FA and Zero Waste Scotland have teamed up to offer free environmental support to football clubs across the country, in a move that could save clubs thousands of pounds every year.

By receiving guidance to help identify ways of reducing energy, recycling, water and waste management costs, football clubs could benefit from a financial lifeline, whilst becoming more eco-friendly through the reduction of operational carbon emissions.

For many of the related technologies, including lighting and insulation, there is also interest free loan funding of up to £100,000 available to put improvement measures in place – with a cash back offer of up to £10,000 available for a limited period.

Such measures would include installing more efficient heating, lighting, insulation or implementing projects to cut waste management costs and maximize recycling.

As part of the ongoing support, the Scottish FA and Zero Waste Scotland have created the ‘Environmental Sustainability in Scottish Football’ document which has some helpful information on how clubs can adopt sustainable practices.

All of this support is fully funded by the Scottish Government and, through the Zero Waste Scotland programme, has led to savings of up to 24% of total energy costs for businesses that have been supported so far.

Scottish FA Chief Executive Ian Maxwell: “We are eager to introduce our clubs to the support and guidance of Zero Waste Scotland, in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and operational costs for football clubs at all levels of the game.

“Thanks to funding from Scottish Government, the environmental benefits from the work of Zero Waste Scotland are clear to see. This guidance will not only support the Scottish football family, but also play a small part in the bigger goal of protecting our planet.

“We are actively encouraging clubs to make the most of this game-changing opportunity by reaching out and taking advantage of what Zero Waste Scotland has to offer.”

Zero Waste Scotland Chief Executive Iain Gulland said: “We are keen to support all of Scotland’s football clubs to be more efficient in everything they do off the park. From floodlights to catering, minimising energy use and the costs associated with waste is good for business and the environment.

“The climate crisis will affect us all and we need a collective effort to address it. We are grateful to the Scottish Football Association for their advice on ways we can work with clubs to generate financial savings that can benefit the environment and the game across the country.”

To find out more and to take advantage of this free support for your club, please e-mail