East Fife Youth Academy have become the first club from Fife to be awarded the Scottish FA Quality Mark Award at Legacy Level.

Lorna McAuley, Head of East Fife Youth Academy, said: "When I became head of the academy, we looked at the Scottish FA Quality Mark criteria and it was evident we were ready to move up to the next level. We decided that the club had it in our capacity to go for legacy status."

"It has given us great pride to achieve Legacy status. We are one of only six in the east of Scotland to do so. The club is very proud of it, the youth academy is very proud of it and the whole local area is very proud of it."

The club's success on and off the field has lead to considerable growth. From the East Fife Youth Academy Soccer School to the Under 19 players on the cusp of the first team, there is a buzz about the club.

"We have taken on approximately 100 new kids in the last year. It's hard work, but if you turn up on a Saturday morning at any match and see the kids running about, full of pride, with their East Fife strips on. That's quite powerful."

"We strive to do the best we can for the young players. Hopefully one day, some of them will be running out at Bayview Stadium. For East Fife to be taking the field with home grown players would be to the benefit of the club and the youth academy."

Scottish FA’s East Region Manager Kevin Lee said: “East Fife Youth Academy is one of our flag ship clubs within the East Region and are leading the way in a number of developments.

"The club is a perfect example of how various sections of the football community can come together to deliver a shared vision. Lorna and her team achieved Quality Mark Legacy Status in 2013 and have ambitious plans to continue with their developments.

"We look forward to offering our continued support to them on their journey."