This Armistice Day we stop to remember all those who lost their lives during World War I, World War II and every conflict since then.

Many Scottish footballers and fans have volunteered to serve their country, including the famous McCrae’s Battalion who were inducted into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame in 2014.

Led by the charismatic Sir George McCrae, the battalion recruited volunteers from all over the East Coast from battalion base in Castle Street, Edinburgh. McCrae led a rallying call outside the Usher Hall, urging the men around him to sign up to his battalion stating: “I would not, I could not ask you to serve unless I share the danger at your side’. 1,350 men signed up to fight alongside him.

Sixteen players from the Heart of Midlothian team - leading the First Division at the time - bravely volunteered to serve their country, along with supporters and players from Hibernian, Raith Rovers, Falkirk, Dunfermline, East Fife and St Bernard’s. Over 500 Hearts fans joined up for the chance to fight alongside their footballing heroes too.

By the end of the war seven Hearts first-team players had lost their life during battle: Sergeant Duncan Currie, Sergeant John Allan, Lance Corporal James Boyd, Corporal Tom Gracie, Private Ernest Ellis, Private James Speedie and Private Henry Wattie.

Football in Scotland soon resumed but we will forever remember those in the game who gave their lives to protect the country and all of those who died during World War 1 and the conflicts since.

For more information on McCrae’s Battalion and how football contributed to the war effort, visit the McCrae’s Battalion Trust page.