Ross County manager Stuart Kettlewell may be steering his club through a terrific campaign in the Championship alongside co-manager Steven Ferguson, but the Staggies boss admits he still has a lot to learn as a manager.

The 34-year-old believes a spot on the Scottish FA-delivered UEFA Pro Licence is "invaluable" and there is no better opportunity for him to continue to grow and develop.

And while the process may be in its infancy for this year’s crop of coaches, Stuart believes he is learning a significant amount already.

“I spoke a lot with my co-manager, Steven Ferguson, and he made it clear to me just how highly he thought of this course and the experience he gained from it. It broadened his horizons,” Stuart said.

“I've spoke at length to him about it over the last couple of years now, so it’s been in my mind. Now that I'm here, I couldn't be more excited for what lies ahead.

“Having been brought in to my current position with Ross County earlier than I probably would have imagined, I think the Pro Licence course gears you up for scenarios that you will face in your work.

“It also allows you to learn from scenarios that you have faced already and can then see where you went wrong or could do things differently.”

Last week’s session with former Everton and West Ham manager David Moyes has given Stuart a lot to ponder, with the former Queen’s Park midfielder describing it as “invaluable”.

He said: “Experiences like listening to David Moyes, which we were lucky enough to have last week, will clearly give everyone in the room a boost and something to take away. It’s invaluable hearing from someone like that.

“David has obviously managed at the highest level in the game and from my perspective I felt that, even though I’m managing at a lower level, there was so much I could learn and incorporate in to individual scenarios that I’ll face on a daily basis.”

He added: “I think it’s probably easy for managers to find themselves in a comfort zone, and I don’t mean that negatively, I mean addressing the same people everyday, doing the same things.

“For me, this experience on the pro-license so far has allowed me to develop already, in that it has taken me out of that situation, out of a comfort zone, and in to a place where I’m learning from others, looking at how I approach things and how I can improve - learning from the best as I go.”

It’s not just the process of hearing from the game’s elite that excites Stuart.

“Even learning a language, that’s something that’s outside many managers comfort zones but it shapes you - football is full of different cultures, languages and people and this course is helping shape me and make me best placed to develop as a manager."

“The club visit is something I’m looking forward to as well,” he added. “You have an opportunity to experience a different culture and see different methods, and again, this is something I haven’t really had the opportunity to do before now.

“I’ve been coaching for a number of years but I haven’t had the opportunity to go and learn from other people and other clubs, and it’s things like this that made it a no brainier for me to want to come on this course.

Stuart is also confident that working alongside fellow coaches creates the right atmosphere for those going through the course and learning their trade.

“Learning with the others on the course is another huge aspect of the course which is valuable.

“You’re alongside other guys with terrific knowledge and experience of the game. We may all be in this process to learn but we have a lot to share and take from one another too and it’s a great atmosphere to learn and develop in.”

He added: “We’ve just had our third event as a group, but it’s obvious to see that this will only continue to grow over the next 18 months. I’m excited to continue on this journey, working with a great group and learning from experienced individuals.”