Scotland’s fixtures on their road to the World Cup in 2023 have been confirmed, with the first matches scheduled to take place in September 2021.

Scotland will open the campaign against Hungary, away from home before welcoming the Faroes to Scottish soil. Their final match of the year will be against top seeds Spain, away from home, in what will be a crucial fixture in the context of the group.

After the draw last week, Scotland captain Rachel Corsie said: “I think it’s an exciting draw. After the last campaign there was a lot of disappointment within the group so it’s great to know what’s ahead and who we have to face. The draw has definitely produced games we feel more than capable of getting positive results in, so we can put ourselves in a good position to reach the next World Cup.

“Spain are now considered one of the top teams in the world and they’ve improved a lot recently as they have talented young players who are becoming more experienced. I think that’s reflected in how well teams like Barcelona are doing in the Champions League.

“It’s certainly a tough team to be drawn against but it’s one to look forward to as we have top players who are playing at a high level and we need to show what we can do. We’ll relish those games I’m sure."

Women’s World Cup 2023 Qualifying Fixtures (Kick-off and venues TBC)

Friday, 17 September 2021: Hungary v Scotland

Tuesday, 21 September 2021: Scotland v Faroe Islands

Friday, 22 October 2021: Scotland v Hungary

Friday, 26 November 2021: Scotland v Ukraine

Tuesday, 30 November 2021: Spain v Scotland

Friday, 8 April 2022: Ukraine v Scotland

Tuesday, 12 April 2022: Scotland v Spain

Tuesday, 6 September 2022: Faroe Islands v Scotland