As the year begins to draw to a close, Steve Clarke sat down to reflect on 2021 - a history-making year for the Men's National team. 

From discussing EURO 2020 to the transition of his coaching staff, the manager casts his mind back over the past 12-months and the challenges that have come with COVID.  

Clarke said: "I remember speaking early in March when we had to play the World Cup qualifiers before [EURO 2020] when obviously the schedule was a bit mixed up and I said then that we'll be a better team for our involvement. 

"We'll be a better team for spending three or four weeks together as opposed to the normal ten days. Fortunately that turned out to be the case." 

He added: "I always say to the players stay humble, respect your opponents and then go out there and try and beat everybody and thankfully in 2021 we were reasonably successful at that."