Vaccine Certification Update

Members of the Joint Response Group have attended numerous Scottish Government-led COVID-19 domestic vaccine certification meetings, two of which took place this afternoon, to update relevant industry sectors on the implementation plans for the imminent vaccine certification roll-out.

The JRG reiterated its view that a system of spot-checks is the only pragmatic and workable solution to the numerous practical challenges surrounding implementation of the Scottish Government’s plans within Scottish football.

The JRG sought clarity on the operational detail which clubs, football bodies and stadium operators will be expected to implement from 1st October.

At both meetings, the Scottish Government representatives acknowledged they were not yet in a position to provide the detail necessary for clubs to begin their implementation planning.

With just over two weeks until the system is scheduled to commence in football stadia across the country, we reiterated our concern at the lack of detail available and reinforced the requirement that this information be confirmed as soon as possible.