The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. May a football match be played on a square pitch?
2. May the penalty mark be, circular, square, cross or rectangular?
3. Play continues if the ball strikes a referee during play. What would happen if an assistant referee inadvertently strayed over the touch line on to the field of play and the ball rebounded off him and stayed on the field of play?
Play would be allowed to continue
Dropped Ball
4. The minimum number of players required to start a match is 7. Can a shorthanded team start a game with 10 outfield players, and bring on a goalkeeper as soon as he or she arrives after play has commenced?
5. If a player is level with the second last opponent is he onside or offside?
6. Can a referee change a decision?
7. Can the assistant referee signal for a free kick?
8. Must an offence be deliberate before it can be penalised?
9. Can an assistant referee enter the field of play?
10. At a goal kick when is the ball considered to be in play?
When it is kicked beyond the penalty area
When it is touched and moved

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