The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. The whole of the ball crosses the goal line between the posts and under the bar but does not hit the goal net. Is a goal awarded?
2. If the ball bursts during play how should play be restarted?
Indirect free kick to the team who last played the ball
A dropped ball
3. Can a substitute who arrives late play in the match?
4. You notice that the goalkeeper and outfield player have changed places, what would you do?
Show a yellow card to both players
5. Can a goalkeeper wear the same coloured jersey as the referee?
6. Who is responsible for deciding how much additional time is added on at the end of each period of play?
The referee
The 4th official
7. What is the maximum length of a half-time interval?
8. Can players stand inside the "D" at the taking of a penalty kick?
9. A defender takes a throw in and throws the ball towards his goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is not aware the ball is travelling in his direction and looks away. The ball crosses the goal line between the posts and under the crossbar. How should the referee restart play?
Goal kick
Corner kick
10. A player takes a corner kick. The ball flies towards goal but it hits the near post and rebounds straight back to the kicker, who then crosses the ball into the penalty area where a team-mate of his scores a goal with a header. Is the goal allowed?

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