The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. May the penalty mark be, circular, square, cross or rectangular?
2. What is the maximum circumference of the ball?
24 inches
26 inches
28 inches
3. A substitute enters the field during stoppage in play. Where does he enter the field of play?
Only at the halfway line
Anywhere on the field
4. If a substitute runs on to the field of play and handles the ball in his own penalty area to deny the opponents a goal, how should the referee restart the game?
Allow goal
Indirect Free Kick
Restart with a dropped ball
5. A player cannot be offside from three types of set piece. One is a goal kick, but what are the other two?
Direct Free kick
Indirect Free kick
Corner kicks
Throw ins
6. As the ball is in play and his team are on the attack in the other half of the pitch the goalkeeper of the attacking team intentionally punches an opponent in the face while standing in his own penalty area. How do you restart the game?
Penalty kick
Dropped ball where play was stopped
Direct Free kick where play was stopped
7. Can the team who loses the toss of the coin select which goal his team will attack in the first half?
8. At the taking of kicks from the penalty mark after extra time to decide the result of a cup tie, where must Managers and coaches stand during the kicks?
The technical area
Centre circle
Touch line
9. A player taking a throw in touches the ball for a second time without it having been touched by another player. What is your decision?
Indirect free kick
Retake throw-in
10. What happens if when taking a goal kick, the goalkeeper miskicks the ball and it does not leave the penalty area?
The kick is retaken
Play on.

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