The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. May the penalty mark be, circular, square, cross or rectangular?
2. When is the ball considered to be out of play?
When part of the ball is over the line
When all of the ball is over the line
When the ball touched the line
3. What is the minimum number of players required by a team to start a match?
4. Can a player who has been sent off remain either in the Technical area or at the side of the field for the duration of the game?
5. Can an assistant referee enter the field of play?
6. An indirect free kick strikes the referee and rebounds to the taker, who then shoots the ball straight into his opponents net. The referee awards a goal, is this the correct decision?
7. At the taking of kicks from the penalty mark after extra time to decide the result of a cup tie, where must non-playing substitutes stand during the kicks?
Centre circle
The technical area
Touch line
8. At the taking of kicks from the penalty mark after extra time to decide the result of a cup tie, where must the Goalkeeper from the kickers’ team stand during the kicks?
Centre Circle
Where the penalty area meets the goal line
9. Can players stand inside the "D" at the taking of a penalty kick?
10. A goalkeeper can only handle the ball inside his own penalty area. Can a goalkeeper leave his penalty area and take a throw-in?

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