The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. May a football match be played on a square pitch?
2. Play continues if the ball strikes a referee during play. What would happen if an assistant referee inadvertently strayed over the touch line on to the field of play and the ball rebounded off him and stayed on the field of play?
Play would be allowed to continue
Dropped Ball
3. From the list below, can you pick out 3 items of equipment which are NOT compulsory in order to play in a match?
Captain’s Armband
Goalkeepers gloves
Thermal undershorts
4. An indirect free kick strikes the referee and rebounds to the taker, who then shoots the ball straight into his opponents net. The referee awards a goal, is this the correct decision?
5. At the taking of a penalty kick, the kicker runs up, steps over the ball and backheels it to a colleague who then runs in and strikes the ball into the net. Would you award a goal?
6. At the taking of kicks from the penalty mark after extra time to decide the result of a cup tie, where must players waiting to take their kick stand during the kicks?
Anywhere on the field of play
Inside the centre circle
7. A player taking a throw in touches the ball for a second time without it having been touched by another player. What is your decision?
Indirect free kick
Retake throw-in
8. The ball enters an opponents goal directly after having been thrown by an attacking player. What is your decision?
Re-take throw-in
A goal kick is awarded.
9. A penalty kick has been awarded. A player of the attacking team places the ball on the penalty spot and walks back to the edge of the penalty area to commence his run-up. Suddenly a team-mate of his runs forward and scores with the kick. Is this allowed?
10. A goalkeeper takes a goal kick into a strong wind. The ball leaves the penalty area but is blown back into his goals without any other player touching it. Would the goal be allowed?

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