The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. If the field of play is at maximum size, 130 yds x 100 yds, what is the distance from the touch line to the penalty area?
28 yards
30 yards
32 yards
2. What is the maximum number of substitutes allowed in an official match?
3. The minimum number of players required to start a match is 7. Can a shorthanded team start a game with 10 outfield players, and bring on a goalkeeper as soon as he or she arrives after play has commenced?
4. What is the minimum number of players required by a team to start a match?
5. A player cannot be offside from three types of set piece. One is a goal kick, but what are the other two?
Direct Free kick
Indirect Free kick
Corner kicks
Throw ins
6. Is it an offence to stand in an offside position?
7. At the taking of kicks from the penalty mark after extra time to decide the result of a cup tie, where must players waiting to take their kick stand during the kicks?
Anywhere on the field of play
Inside the centre circle
8. At a goal kick when is the ball considered to be in play?
When it is kicked beyond the penalty area
When it is touched and moved
9. A player takes a corner kick. The ball flies towards goal but it hits the near post and rebounds straight back to the kicker, who then crosses the ball into the penalty area where a team-mate of his scores a goal with a header. Is the goal allowed?
10. At the taking of kicks from the mark, a kick strikes a goalpost and as the ball rebounds into the field of play it hits the goalkeeper and ricochets back into the goal. Is this a goal?

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