The Scottish Football Association
Calum Murray
1. May the penalty mark be, circular, square, cross or rectangular?
2. If a substitute runs on to the field of play and handles the ball in his own penalty area to deny the opponents a goal, how should the referee restart the game?
Allow goal
Indirect Free Kick
Restart with a dropped ball
3. From the list below, can you pick out 3 items of equipment which are NOT compulsory in order to play in a match?
Captain’s Armband
Goalkeepers gloves
Thermal undershorts
4. How many players may compete for a drop-ball?
Any number
5. How does a referee indicate to players and spectators that he has awarded an indirect free kick?
One arm raised above his head
Two arms in the air
6. At the taking of kicks from the penalty mark after extra time to decide the result of a cup tie, where must the Goalkeeper from the kickers’ team stand during the kicks?
Centre Circle
Where the penalty area meets the goal line
7. Can players stand inside the "D" at the taking of a penalty kick?
8. At a goal kick when is the ball considered to be in play?
When it is kicked beyond the penalty area
When it is touched and moved
9. A player takes a corner kick. The ball flies towards goal but it hits the near post and rebounds straight back to the kicker, who then crosses the ball into the penalty area where a team-mate of his scores a goal with a header. Is the goal allowed?
10. A player takes a corner kick and plays the ball towards his goalkeeper who has moved up field to join the attack. The goalkeeper misses the ball and the ball goes all the way through and ends up in his own goal without any player touching it. What should the referee award?
Dropped ball on Goal line
Corner kick

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