The Scottish Football Association





The Scottish FA, at its 2011 Annual General Meeting, revolutionised the governance and structures of Scottish football by implementing a series of historic improvements.

The Board is now complemented by two operational boards created to provide greater focus in the affairs of the Professional and Non-Professional game.

The main Board consists of eight members: the Scottish FA Office Bearers (Alan McRae, President; Stewart Regan, Chief Executive;  and Rod Petrie, Vice-President), plus Ralph Topping (SPFL), Michael Mulraney (SPFL), Tom Johnston (Scottish Junior FA) and independent non-executive directors, Barrie Jackson and Gary Hughes.

The Board will focus on corporate strategy and top-line decision-making, with the operational Professional and Non-Professional Boards representing their respective parts of the game.

Professional Game Board:

Chairman: Rod Petrie (Scottish FA)
Members: Alan McRae (Scottish FA), Stewart Regan (Scottish FA), Andrew McKinlay (Scottish FA)*, Neil Doncaster (SPFL), Ralph Topping (SPFL), Duncan Fraser (SPFL), Michael Mulraney (SPFL), Stewart Robertson (SPFL), Sandy Stables (SHFL) and Andrew Waddell (SLFL)

*Co-opted member

Non-Professional Game Board:

Chairman: Alan McRae (Scottish FA)
Members: Rod Petrie (Scottish FA), Stewart Regan (Scottish FA), John Campbell (Scottish Welfare FA), Fiona Cardwell (Scottish Women's Football), John Gold (Scottish Schools FA), John Greenhorn (East of Scotland Football League), Colin Holden (South of Scotland Football League), Tom Johnston (Scottish Junior FA), Thomas McKeown (Scottish Amateur FA), David Little (Scottish Youth FA)

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