Last night, at Adam Smith College, Kirkcaldy, parents of the Fife area football squads saw the Positive Coaching Scotland programme continue to grow from strength to strength. 

The 150 mums and dads in attendance heard how important it was to support the development of their child through the vital skill learning years, ensuring that ability and enthusiasm is nurtured to allow each child to get the most from their early football experiences.

The Positive Coaching Scotland programme aims to alleviate the high drop-out rates in Scottish sport by creating a more positive, upbeat, constructive atmosphere for children to learn from football.

Scottish FA development officer, Barrie Malcolm, commented:

“As children learn how to play football, they must be allowed to learn and develop in a positive environment. Positive Coaching Scotland gives football the opportunity to change the current ‘win at all costs’ culture with an environment that recognises the developmental needs of young players."

Grant Small, programme manager of Positive Coaching Scotland, a flagship project of Winning Scotland Foundation, commented:

“Parents are a major influencer in the attitudes adopted by their kids. Having 150 people attend just shows how committed people in Fife are to changing the sporting culture in Scotland”

“Our message to parents is very simple. Reward individual effort and ditch the win at all costs mentality that’s all too prevalent in Scottish youth sport. That way you can help further nurture the enthusiasm, talent and confidence of your child who can go on to achieve even greater things in sport and life.”