Aberdeen FC have become the first Scottish Professional Club to launch its very own LGBT fans group. The group which was launched recently by ex-club captain Russell Anderson and Dons fan Rev Scott Rennie of local Queen’s Cross Church was set up for any friends or family of the club.

The new group, known as Proud Dons, exists to provide a social environment for LGBT Aberdeen fans and their friends to meet up and discuss football and campaign to kick homophobia out of the game.

The club say they are “proud of celebrating diversity with our Community Trust working hard to fulfil the vision of a club and community which is welcoming to all, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or gender. Previously the club has supported efforts to show racism the red card and is committed to providing an environment where all supporters feel welcome and valued.

“Aberdeen FC is for everyone in the North East, and we want to see that reflected on match day and in the life of our club at large.” Speaking about the club's new initiative, said Scott Rennie: “I am immensely chuffed to see this happen and for Aberdeen to be the first club in Scotland to recognise the need to address homophobia in football and to back a Fan group for LGBT Dons fans and their friends.

“Most of the big clubs in England have done the same in recent years, and it speaks volumes for AFC's commitment to the whole community of the north east that they are the first in Scotland to do the same.

“I hope the fan group will provide a great social forum for fans to talk everything Aberdeen FC, football, and make new friends among the Dons support.

“I also think it's important we tackle homophobia in Scottish football too, so that young folk growing up going to games, don't feel awkward or like outsiders at their own club's games, like some of us did growing up."