New participation centre set up in partnership between AFCCT and Jesus House Church has seen children from the Church and local community come together through football.

Many different nationalities, cultures and religions have been brought together, providing greater community integration and cohesion. This has resulted in positive changes in behaviour, particularly with parents.

In the first couple weeks there was a clear division between the various ethnic groups, and a certain feeling of uncertainness. There is now a positive change in this feeling, with small steps being made towards a more cohesive community.                                       

Jesus House Aberdeen Football Club [JHAFC] was established in 2008. The main reason for its establishment was to engage the youth both within the church and outside the church. The team started by playing friendly matches with churches and teams within Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.               

In 2011, JHAFC in collaboration with other churches within Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire established a church league known as the F5 league. However in 2013, JHAFC felt it was time to seek new challenges; so the thought of joining The Aberdeenshire Amateur Football Association was born.               

In August 2014, JHAFC joined the local league association as one of the 16 teams in the third division of the AAFA (Aberdeenshire Amateur Football Association) League and has continued to perform brilliantly ever since.