Two years ago Erin Cuthbert made her debut for Scotland against Belarus and after scoring two goals against them in the win at Falkirk Stadium, a lot has changed for the 19-year-old Chelsea player.

Having signed for the London club, the Irvine lass has developed on and off the pitch and now has a league and FA Cup winners medal to her name.

She has not forgotten her roots though and while enjoying some time back in her hometown last week Cuthbert paid a visit to where it all started, meeting the players and coaches at Kilwinning Girls.

Last week you visited your old team at Kilwinning. What was that like?

It was such a nice experience as I remember when Julie Fleeting turned up when I was there and I’d be so excited, jumping about.

I know the impact that sort of thing can have on young girls. The coach told me they had just lost a cup final so I was telling the players that it wasn’t the end of the world and to use that disappointment as motivation to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I visited the Kilwinning Under-13s girls team but their whole academy was training so it was nice to meet everyone and see the set-up again. It reminded me of when I used to play there and most of the girls were the same height as me so I felt like one of the players!

What are you memories of starting out there?

The stand-out memory was winning the Scottish Cup Final, beating Motherwell 3-2 and I scored in the last minute. I felt like I’d won the World Cup, it was just the best feeling ever.

How can you sum up last season with Chelsea where you won the WSL title and the FA Cup?

It was a fantastic season for us and we worked so hard to reach that level. We’ve got so many great players and that just makes everyone better in training. All of our qualities shone through last season.

I’m so proud of the club as everyone is so close so when we go on the pitch. We just want to win for each other.

You played in the FA Cup Final at Wembley, beating Arsenal 3-1 in front of 45,000 fans. What was that like?

It was just amazing. To have so many people watching was incredible and I couldn’t hear myself think or speak out on the pitch. I want to experience that more now. It’s just made me hungrier to reach the final next year and hopefully as the women’s game keeps progressing, we’ll be able to draw crowds of more than 40,000 to our league games rather than just on a one-off occasion.

How do you enjoy life at Chelsea?

It took a while to settle in but when I joined Chelsea they were going through a transitional process and there were a few players in the same boat as me. The girls were really welcoming and they’re almost like my family now!

It’s been a crazy two years with me making my Scotland debut and then moving away from home and down to London.

I’m very lucky to be where I am and I know a lot of people would like to be in my position so I don’t want to be complacent.

I want to be even more successful and keep winning matches and trophies.

What are your thoughts ahead of the upcoming match against Poland on Tuesday?

We’re looking for maximum points and we know we’ll have to play to our best to beat Poland. We are chasing Switzerland to get the top spot but it’s still possible and we need to keep fighting.