This weekend the Scottish FA hosts the second Futsal Home Nations Championships at Oriam, Heriot-Watt University.

Gordon McCabe and Kevin J. Graham have been selected as the Scottish FA’s referees for the Championships.

Each of the four participating National Associations provides two referees for the tournament. 

The Championships are being played from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd December.

The match schedule and appointments are:

Friday 1st December

England v. Wales – ko 4.00pm

Referee: Gordon McCabe

2nd Referee: Patrick Cullen (Northern Ireland)

3rd Referee: Sebastien Jankowski (Northern Ireland) Timekeeper: Kevin J. Graham

Scotland v. Northerrn Ireland – ko 7.30pm

Referee: Michael Harris (England)

2nd Referee: Mitch Palmer (England)

3rd Referee: Valentin Cuiplea (Wales)

Timekeeper: Arthur Smallman (Wales)

Saturday 2nd December

Northern Ireland v. England – ko 2.30pm

Referee: Arthur Smallman (Wales)

2nd Referee: Gordon McCabe

3rd Referee: Kevin J. Graham

Timekeeper: Valentin Cuiplea (Wales)

Scotland v. Wales – ko 6.00pm

Referee: Sebastien Jankowski (Northern Ireland)

2nd Referee: Patrick Cullen (Northern Ireland)

3rd Referee: Michael Harris (England)

Timekeeper: Mitch Palmer (England)

Sunday 3rd December

Wales v. Northern Ireland – ko 1.00pm

Referee: Valentin Cuiplea (Wales)

2nd Referee: Sebastien Jankowski (Northern Ireland)

3rd Referee: Patrick Cullen (Northern Ireland)

Timekeeper: Arthur Smallman (Wales)

Scotland v. England – ko 4.30pm

Referee: Mitch Palmer (England)

2nd Referee: Kevin J. Graham

3rd Referee: Gordon McCabe

Timekeeper: Michael Harris (England)

The Referee Operations Department is conducting a Seminar for Futsal referees at Oriam on Sunday to coincide with the hosting of the Championships.