How good do you think you are at FIFA 21? Good enough to represent Scotland in FIFA eNations Qualifiers this spring?

We are on the hunt for someone to join Scotland's number one FIFA 21 player, Marc Marley in forming our first ever eScotland FIFA 21 team. The winner from our eScottish Cup International Qualification tournament will team up with Marc for our eNations Qualifiers. The runner-up from the qualification tournament will then join up with the team for the FIFA eNations Tournament in May should we qualify.

The top four players from the qualification tournaments will advance to our finals event. The finals will include a group stage into a playoff bracket, which will rank the finalists from first to fourth.


Our qualification tournaments are open to anyone who would be eligible to play for our actual National Team. 

Game Settings

  • Game: FIFA 21
  • Format: BO2 Aggregate Score - Double Elimination
  • Game mode: FUT Friendlies
  • Tactical Defending Required
  • Trainer must be turned off

Squad Restrictions

  • The in-game squad you must use must meet the following restrictions:

  • Average Squad rating of 88

  • Training items are strictly prohibited

  • Loan Players are strictly prohibited

  • FIFA 21 Pro Player Cards are strictly prohibited

  • Players found with an incorrect squad during their match with their first or second opponent will be required to correct their squad before the next round and be given a Round Loss.

  • Players found with an incorrect squad after receiving a reprimand from a previous round or warning will be immediately Disqualified from the tournament.

  • Players found with an incorrect squad during their match against a third opponent or later will be immediately Disqualified from the tournament.

Where To Register

Registration is available through the Scotland National Team's ChallengerMode space.

What is the FIFA 21 eNations Tournament?

European qualification starts with a single round-robin group stage where points are allocated per game in each matchup. After the group stage, we continue with a knock out stage where we will end up with 11 qualified nations + the host nation, Denmark.

Group stage: Each matchup will consist of two games – one game on PS4 and one game on Xbox One. 0 (loss), 1 (draw) or 3 (win) points are allocated per game in each matchup.

Knockout stage: Each matchup will be played as a best-of-three series (BO3) with one game on both consoles.


Due to the uncertain global health situation and varying domestic regulations, FIFA has decided that the FIFAe Nations Online Qualifier 2021 will be played as 1v1.

In order to protect the safety of all players and staff, all teams are allowed to compete from home, their team base, or the national association headquarters as long as local regulations are followed.

However, all players must be in the server region of their national association for the entire duration of the FeNOQ21. The current global health situation does not allow all eNational Teams to meet at one place, which is required to play 2v2. The format for the FIFAe Nations Cup will remain 2v2, and FIFA will keep us posted on any further developments as we get closer to the final event.