Following a vote on Twitter, it has been confirmed that Bits & Pieces will be the new goal song at Hampden during the 2018 World Cup Qualification campaign.

More than 20,000 people voted on the poll, which saw the track beat off competition from Chelsea Dagger, 500 Miles as well as the option for no music.

The song was included in the poll after receiving a lot of backing in a supporter’s club vote which was too close to call.

The Twitter poll raised a lot of debate but Bits & Pieces received an overwhelming 49% of the vote.

It has also been confirmed that George Bowie will be performing a live DJ set before Saturday’s match against Lithuania.

He will start at 6.45pm with the Clyde 1 presenter playing a ‘GBX nothing but anthems’ set until 7.20pm.

Spectators are encouraged to arrive at the stadium early with Bowie set to pump up the crowd pre-match.

Ahead of performing, George Bowie said: “I’m very excited to be part of the matchday experience at Hampden as I’m usually in the stand as a fan.

“The supporters coming along to the game are to expect all the big anthems that they know and love. If they don’t listen to GBX it’ll be an education for them but I think they’ll enjoy it.

“The dance scene in Scotland is unique and I’ll be dropping all the big tunes. I have just over half hour to play as many as possible and get everyone hyped up for what will be a good match.

“The team are due a bit of luck and hopefully this is our time to qualify.”

Bowie made a remix of Bits & Pieces which is now a favourite in Scotland and he was delighted when he found out it had won the poll to be the new soundtrack to a goal at Hampden.

He said: “When I saw the poll I thought, ‘we don’t have a chance here’ as we’re up against 500 Miles and Chelsea Dagger.

“After I saw the results I thought ‘wow’, but Bits & Pieces is a big Scottish anthem. 

“We made the remix earlier this year and gave it to Calvin Harris for a laugh, not thinking he would play it. When he did, the crowd went wild.

“I want to see a winning celebration from the players to Bits & Pieces.

“To perform at the trophy presentation area will be such a thrill and I can’t wait to see Hampden rocking.”

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