On Monday 13th September, Braidhurst H.S. School of Football pupils travelled to Toryglen Regional Football Centre in Glasgow to partcipate in skills and fitness testing.

56 players in total performed a series of tests ranging from shooting and dribbling to agility and endurance, which provide a base line for the players to build on for the coming school year.

The testing process was organised and co-ordinated by player and coach development officer Ian Ross and the programme's sports scientist Louise Wilkinson. Braidhurst E teacher Joanne Lilly and students from Clydebank College also assisted on the day.

Ian Ross said: "This is an ideal way to re-focus the players after the summer break and provides data for the players to determine their strengths and aspects of their game which they need to work on."

The following day, the S1 and S2 players were also invited to participate in a Scottish FA Youth Licence course at Toryglen.  The players impressed the course participants, many of whom are affiliated to professional clubs.

Technical drills, and game related practices were delivered, and the players benefited greatly from detailed feedback and coaching points given from the coaches.

Neil Mackintosh, Scottish FA head of youth development, said: "The players were excellent and showed a great enthusiasm throughout the day helping the coaches to work through this very demanding elite coaching licence."