Coach in Action

South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture, and North Lanarkshire Council in partnership with sportscotland extend an open invitation and a warm welcome to all coaches out there to sign up for this the second Coach in Action Coaching Conference.

The conference provides an opportunity for coaches at all levels to take part in sports specific and generic workshops delivered by a team of highly experienced coaches.

Keynote speaker Fayyaz ‘Fuzz’ Ahmed, one of Great Britain’s leading athletics coaches, will ‘kick-off’ the conference at Carluke Leisure Centre on Saturday 10th September and runs from 8.45 – 3:45pm

Fayyaz ‘Fuzz’ Ahmed currently works with some of Britain’s leading athletes across several events and has also been instrumental in recent developments in the FUNdamentals of athletics training principles.
There will be additional input after the keynote from Richard Brickely delivering a brief session on ‘Inclusive Coaching’ from a disability point of view.


This year there are a number of new workshops for participants throughout the day, with the exception of Fundamentals and Sports Science each workshop differs AM/PM, including:

Dance – coached by Allan Irvine.
How to engage with Youth Groups using street and break dance, tips, skills and session ideas. 
Also Tuition break down of how to perform specific break dance moves such as the top rock, spin, freezes and choreography.


Football - coached by Neil Mckintosh.
Covering sessions on ‘counter attacks’ and the ‘the future game’ – played on the edge of chaos.

FUNdamental Movement Skills - coached by Fuzz Ahmed. The principle is to build a movement base that is transferrable for us in several sports and is based on long term athletic development with a practical approach to physical literacy underpinned in a vocabulary of movement that is planned, progressive and challenging.

Hockey – Coached by Alan Auld
There will be one session – AM only. The session will focus on providing a variety of skills practices and progressions for the S1-S4 age range and incorporate Scottish Hockey’s Stronger Game (Long Term Player Development) philosophy.

Netball coached by Mary Anne Cosgrove.
Workshop One (AM): ‘Shooting technique and movement within the shooting circle’.

This workshop will focus on shooting technique and provide ideas for how you may develop this with your players. Part of this workshop will address the role of the GS and GA in the shooting circle and the movements and co-operation needed between players to get free within such a restricted space.

Workshop Two (PM): ‘Circle Defence’

This workshop will identify the key movements and skills needed by the GK and GD within the defending circle to restrict space and gain possession.  Part of this workshop will address the defence of the shot and rebounding.

Rugby – Coached by Colin Ireland
Workshop One (AM): ‘Game Sense approach’
How to coach/teach games awareness and the benefits of using this method.

Workshop Two (PM): ‘Decoy and deception’
Breaking down organised defences by being innovative and unpredictable.

Sports Science – Delivered by Dr Niall McFarlane
Supporting the Coach

Any athlete’s coach is best placed to understand the physiological, psychological and technical demands of a sporting discipline and the role of a Sports Scientist should support the coach to optimize performance.  The relationship between a coach and sport scientist will obviously require dialogue but sometimes sense can be ‘lost in translation’.  This workshop will provide an insight to the generic work of a sports scientist and provide coaches with an opportunity to increase their awareness of the support available and how to access it

Fundamentals and Sports Science will have the same session morning and afternoon to allow you attend sports specific sessions and a generic session that can impact on most sports clubs

This is a not to be missed opportunity so book now and ensure your place. 
Cost, including buffet lunch morning and afternoon tea/coffee and a conference pack, is £30. 
You can book or request an application form by calling 01698 476262 or visit our website