East Dunbartonshire Football Development held it’s second coaches workshop of the year on Monday 28th July which focussed on the ‘science behind pre-season’.

After feedback from many coaches on previous workshops and coach education courses held previously throughout the year, a course was delivered on the values of small sided games over generic fitness and sprint training as part of the pre season preparations.

Through the Athlete Performance Programme (APP) which runs in East Dunbartonshire, the department were able to access Polar heart rate equipment and software which was able to give visual information to the participating coaches and they could see for themselves the end product of each type of activity. Rosebank United were the runners on the night, and each player had a heart rate monitor that was linked up to a software package that provided live, individual data.

Players were asked to run for a period of 4 minutes, with 2 minutes rest in between, and this was followed by a series of 4 small sided, high intensity games for the same work/rest period. The live data was viewed, discussed and dissected amongst all the coaches.

Coaches then had the chance to quiz the players on work rate, effort and stimulation of each and which they felt was more beneficial to them.

Kevin Murphy, Football Development Officer commented: “It was great to see such a good turn out from local coaches who have shown an interest in gaining new knowledge and ideas.

"I think some came with a mind set that running and sprint work for pre season training was important to improve general fitness, but I think after seeing the live results of the players work rate in each, we have hopefully changed, or at least invoked a thought of change in their opinion.

"Coaches only see their players at the grass roots level once or twice a week and it is all about maximising that time efficiently.”

Longer term, this Polar equipment will be available for clubs to hire through the East Dunbartonshire Club visit programme for a minimal cost.

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