Every year the East of Scotland’s Coaching Counts Conference supports coaches by providing practical coaching workshops in partnership with chosen Scottish Governing Bodies (SGBs).

This year the event will run at Dalkeith Sports Centre, Midlothian.

Workshop Title: Physical conditioning for youth footballers

Brian Ewing is the Director of the Institute of Sport and Exercise at the University of Dundee and has also been working with the Scottish National Football Teams for ten years.

Brian has been influential in the development of Scottish football through his significant involvement with the Scottish Football Association as a sports scientist, an education course leader and as an assistant national age-group coach. He is a Scottish FA ‘A’ Licence Coach, as well as holding a Bed (Hons) in Physical Education and an MSc in Exercise

Coaching Counts is delighted to be able to offer workshops delivered by Scottish National team coaches, helping local coaches to ‘reflect on coaching practise’. The conference aims to give local coaches the opportunity to learn from Scotland’s best and to have greater understanding of alternative / different coaching practises and styles and how these can benefit our athletes / players and can develop our own coaching skills.

Please see the attached brochure for full information on the day including how to apply.