Due to the unavailability of tribunal members, tomorrow's Appellate Tribunal relating to the Compliance Officer's appeal against the sanction imposed on Steve Simonsen (Rangers FC) has been postponed. A new tribunal date will be set in due course.
Original determination
Alleged Party in Breach: Steve Simonsen (Rangers FC)

Disciplinary Rule(s) allegedly breached:
1) Disciplinary Rule 33 (Season 2013/14): In that between 15th January 2014 and 22nd June 2014, both dates inclusive, you bet upon 13 football matches.
2) Disciplinary Rule 31 (Season 2014/15): In that between 6th September 2014 and 13th January 2015, both dates inclusive, you bet upon 37 matches.
Outcome: Breach proved.
Sanction: Two-match suspension (one match to be served immediately and one match suspended until the end of season 2014/15).