Governing Body Endorsement post-Brexit

In light of the announcement by the Home Office in relation to Governing Body Endorsement for overseas players being signed in a post-Brexit UK, the Scottish FA and Scottish Professional Football League are pleased to confirm that Scotland will retain its discretionary appeals panel for the January transfer window.

Discussions with the Home Office specific to Scottish football’s framework for signing overseas players beyond the January transfer window remain ongoing with a view to any criteria being proportionate and workable in the context of our game.

Scottish Government COVID-19 restrictions

The Joint Response Group would like to thank clubs for their continued support in complying with COVID-19 testing regulations to ensure professional football can continue amid the ongoing impact of the pandemic.    

We have revised and re-issued a Return to Matches Protocol for Premiership clubs and another document for all other SPFL clubs as part of our ongoing feedback and dialogue process with clubs. We would again like to thank the clubs for their efforts in adopting the protocols from a public health perspective.

In light of the recent Scottish Government announcement that mainland Scotland will be placed in Tier 4 from December 26 the JRG reiterates the importance of all clubs and individuals continuing to comply with all processes and protocols. This is to ensure player safety, the safety of family, team-mates, and staff, and to ensure professional football in Scotland can continue to be played during the winter months amid well-documented concerns over the latest and faster-spreading strain of the virus.