Delivering the Game for All workshops through Captains of Change to grassroots clubs and wider communities has allowed constructive interaction and raising awareness amongst those involved. The coaches and volunteers have had the chance to discuss and explore several topics related to religious and cultural beliefs ensuring that their club is inclusive of all in a safe, positive environment.

This has led to a greater awareness of such beliefs, potential real and perceived barriers to participation, and provided them with methods on how to accommodate all without causing offence or fear of approaching several diverse communities. This in turn has provided a platform for clubs to proactively engage and become more representative of their wider demographic. The next step is to establish a forum or working group to consult and guide along a journey to identify new role models and incorporate relevant roles, policies, procedures and action plans into their working model.

In the West region, engagement with Giffnock inclusion officer made which led to Captains of Change, 'A Game for All' resource being delivered at the club. Giffnock Soccer Centre expressed they needed support to engage wider community. In parallel, ANSAR had the engagement with wider community but limited access to facilities to cater activity in relevant areas. Equity team introduced both clubs to form a partnership promoting natural integration and better inclusion/participation for all involved. This will see Giffnock Soccer Centre coaches delivering at ANSAR seasonal activity with a view to progressing a mentorship scheme/ participation centre being delivered at Giffnock facilities with diverse community from within area involved and better awareness of potential barriers (trust, culture, religion, language).

Dundee West CFC have also committed to engaging with ‘Captains of Change’ programme and will be meeting with Dundee Central Mosque on how the users can utilise their facilities.   

                                                                                                            DWCFC have stated that they would like to work with Dundee East CFC at their footballathon to have a showcase of cultural activities.           

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