A Disciplinary Tribunal convened today in accordance with the Judicial Panel Protocol to consider the following cases:

Case 1:
Alleged party in breach: Brad McKay (St Johnstone)
Disciplinary rule allegedly breached:
Disciplinary Rule 73: In that upon 2nd August 2015 you made a comment of an offensive nature to the written media by referring to Juan Manuel Delgado Lloria of Heart of Midlothian FC in the following terms: "He's a typical foreigner, he gets touched and goes down. He was holding the back of his head and rolling about the place."

Outcome: Breach established
Sanction: Censure

Case 2:
Player: Callum Paterson (Heart of Midlothian)
Match: Hamilton v Heart of Midlothian (SPFL Premiership) - Saturday, 29th August 2015
Case: Claim of Wrongful Dismissal (Serious Foul Play)
Outcome: Claim upheld. Sending-off reduced to a caution for recklessly dangerous play.