After the launch of the Vauxhall Wall of Fame, our very own Marketing Manager Colin Banks regales WTH? readers with his favourite tale of following the Scottish National side as he takes us back to Italia '90.

As I walked through that tunnel in Genoa...
Italia 90 and thousands of us were making our way to the match after a long hard "build up" in the central park in Genoa. A few beers had been had and everyone was in great voice. A unique scene as the dark blue of Scotland walked side by side with the bright yellow of Sweden.
Song was bursting out from both sides accompanied by bagpipes, drums, whistles and hooters (or a Vuvuzela if your under 30).
Then as we got closer that giant tunnel appeared, well technically it was an underpass but let's not spoil the picture. Anyway it started with hand clapping and the roar of Scotland, over and over again, getting louder as the echo of the tunnel kicked in, then pipes roared into action and now we were in full voice.

Thousands of us singing "and stood against him, ‘gainst WHO?", louder and louder it got, unbelievable, it can't get any better than this. What a day, what a moment, what game against Costa Rica?
The football fan in me kicked in as I made my way to see Scotland win on foreign soil for the first time. Three forwards, Stuart McCall’s opener, Mo Jo’s penalty, a nervy last few minutes when Sweden pulled one back and then the final whistle, a perfect end to a perfect day.
P.S. who would have guessed that 21 years later I would be working beside one of our centre backs that day?
I wonder how he remembers it…