The Dundee Adult Futsal League is wrapping up for the mid-season break having enjoyed a highly entertaining and competitive opening series of fixtures.

There are five teams taking part in the weekly league, which is held at the DISC in Dundee every Tuesday evening from 6pm – 8pm.

The league, being run in partnership between the Scottish FA’s East Region and the Scottish Futsal League, was founded on the back of a successful taster period earlier in 2014.

Currently the competition is running with support of the Scottish FA East Region and clubs working together. This has been a great success to not only develop and run a local league but to see a new community being formed to grow and develop futsal within the city.

Ryan Sturock, Chairman of the League said: “We’re pretty pleased with how the league is going and I’ve been impressed with the standard of play.

"Everybody has embraced the game and everyone is helping out — there is a real community feel about the league to grow and develop it to the best standard”

Teams included in the league are local community club Dundee West, Dundee Futsal Club, FC Polonia, STARS ltd and local 11- a-side amateur team Ferry Mechanics.

Sean Moran, player and coach, of Ferry Mechanics said: “From a team that is an 11-a-side team we have seen great benefits from playing futsal.

“As the weather has turned for the worse we haven't had a game in over a month so the futsal has maintained our fitness and has increased our skill on the ball.

"We have also enjoyed the competitive side of the league but how friendly the teams are to improve the overall standard of the sport by offering friendlies and joint training sessions.”

The season will recommence on the 13th January 2015 and will run until the end of March. ??Many of the teams are still looking for players, so if anyone is interested or looking for further information please contact Jo Whittet via email at