In Dundee a recent Women's Walking Football Event with Dundee International Women's Centre and Dundee Carer's Centre was a huge success and it was noted that out of the 23 women who attended the event, none of them had played football or even thought of playing it.

Furthermore, the women have said that it is a great way to exercise and have asked to make a team to play others from across the country. They felt that it was a good way to make friends and that the walking meant that they were more confident to try and learn the skills as the speed was something that made them feel inadequate to play in the past.   

Dundee International Women’s Centre (DIWC) was established in 1969 as part of an Urban Aid Programme and continues to be a community organisation providing a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for the personal development of all women regardless of race, culture, faith/belief, age, ability or sexual orientation.

DIWC provides educational, recreational, informal and social activities as well as employment training, information and advice services for disadvantaged and or/excluded women and young women from over eighty countries.

They focus on working in a multicultural way through engaging women from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds to work, learn and integrate together through our service. The centre works in partnership with local and national organisations to promote the social development of women through encouraging active participation, leadership and citizenship in society.