Friday 30th January saw the 9th annual East Region Scottish FA Quality Mark Awards hosted at Dundee’s West Park Conference Centre. The purpose of the night was to celebrate East Region clubs achievements and roles that they play in their individual communities. It also afforded an opportunity to congratulate them on gaining their respective Quality Mark achievements.

The Scottish FA Quality Mark Award Scheme is designed to aid clubs to fulfill their ambitions to develop, grow, and become sustainable. By entering the scheme the Scottish FA will provide support to help clubs reach the certain criteria required to receive the five Quality Mark statuses – Entry, Standard, Development, Community or Legacy.

By receiving these ratings it allows the clubs to gain recognition at a national level, gain positive publicity, access extra material to support good practice and allows clubs to network with other Quality Mark clubs to share ideas.  Additionally the Scottish FA can support club coaches in attending coaching courses and it also provides increased opportunities to access external funding.

Lindsay Sharp, the club manager of AM Soccer, praised the award scheme. 

She said: "It’s great recognition for all the hard work, and effort, of the volunteers, the paid coaches, parents and sponsors.

"The scheme is able to create a strong club that brings so much joy to a lot of people."

Kevin Lee, East Regional Manager for the Scottish FA said: "Regardless of the clubs vision, all have a role to play in providing a much needed service within their community."

"From all of the East Region staff and myself, we’d just like to congratulate all the clubs and volunteers who have been involved in the Quality Mark process."

Guest speaker Des McKeown said: All of the clubs are striving to be something that can provide benefit on a wider scale and central to their communities.

"Their Quality Mark statuses are the reward for their effort and the time that they contribute to the game. As a result they deserve the utmost congratulations for what they have achieved in the game and in society."