The Scottish Government's 2014 Legacy Plan sets out key legacy aims, ambitions and initiatives which will be taken forward across Scotland in the run up to and beyond the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.  A key feature of the plan is the development of Community Sports Hubs, which aim to increase the number of children, pupils, young people, adults and older adults accessing more opportunities to participate in all forms of physical activity, PE and sport in their local community.

There are 3 models being developed in Edinburgh:

1.  School based: led by CEC Children and Families department at Broughton HS and Forrester/St Augustine campus.  The school based CSH will focus on the whole school approach, with PS and HS PE working with Active Schools and local community sports clubs to provide the local community with opportunities to participate in physical activity, PE and sport through curricular and extra curricular time and beyond

2.  Community based: led by Inchpark Community Sports Hub at the Inch.  The community based CSH is a multi-sport model led by the local football, cricket and rugby clubs, with community engagement and outreach work central to the model.  For more information on the community based hub, please contact:

Anthony Reene, IPCSC Development Manager
077 92459685

3.  Area based: led by Edinburgh Leisure in the Colinton Corridor i.e. Meggetland, Craiglockhart Tennis Centre, Napier University and Firrhill HS.  The area based model will link school based programmes with clubs, with the local community central to all developments. For more information on the area based hub, please contact:

Lindsay Renwick
Head of customer Services
0131 458 2100

School based Community Sports Hub

As Senior Active Schools Coordinator Gael Logan involved in developing the school based CSH at Broughton HS and Forrester/St Augustine campus.  The school based hub will work in partnership with the local community clubs to develop pathways and increase the number of people, from primary school pupils through to older adults, participating in sport and physical activity, encouraging them to adopt more active and healthier lifestyles.  It will provide clubs with the opportunity to work in partnership with local primary and high school and support the delivery of their sport within curriculum time and beyond.  Clubs will also be able to support extra curricular provision and encourage keen and talented pupils to develop interest and skills before moving into club provision.  It will provide them with the opportunity to become an integral part of life in the local community, developing healthier and more active lifestyles.

For clubs operating in the CSH, this will mean:

 *   Improved engagement and partnership working with PE and Active Schools and increased access to local pupils at all age groups

 *   Improved sporting pathways from PS to HS to community club and beyond

 *   Sustainable club membership, with pupils building a relationship with your sport and club from a young age

 *   Local allegiance and support due to increased involvement in the community

 *   Increased influence in shaping sport in the local community

 *   Sharing of knowledge, understanding, resources and expertise through working with other clubs in the CSH

 *   Access to state of the art facilities

However, due to inevitable restrictions with facilities and access, not all sports or clubs will be able to become involved in the CSH at Broughton or Forrester/St Augustine campus, so criteria will be put in place in order to engage those clubs who are best placed to help deliver on the CHS.

Clubs operating as part of the CSH must have:

 *   A history or allegiance with the CHS community at either Broughton HS or the Forrester/St Augustine campus

 *   NGB registration

 *   NGB club accreditation, for sports where this is appropriate

 *   A pathway of participation for consecutive age groups

 *   An appreciation of the aims and objectives of the CSH and a willingness to engage with them

 *   An ability to contribute to school and community life

 *   Willingness to work in partnership with other CSH club

In order to ensure that the most appropriate clubs are operating in the CSH, clubs interested in operating as part of the CSH at Broughton HS and Forrester/St Augustine campus are being asked to put forward a proposal detailing their involvement.  A formal proposal form is attached and should be completed and submitted to Gael Logan.

Engagement, involvement and development of the CSH is an ongoing process, so proposals can and should be submitted when your club meets the criteria and is able to make a meaningful contribution to the hub.  I will be working closely with NGB's, Active Schools, PE departments and sports development officers throughout the process to ensure that the most appropriate clubs are part of the CSH at the schools.

Clubs currently accessing facilities at both sites will be required to engage with this process as well in order to extend their lets beyond the current contract.  Failure to submit a proposal will result in the school assuming that clubs cannot engage with the CSH at this stage and so have found alternative facilities.

If you have any questions regarding school based CSH or your clubs proposal to be part of it, please contact Gael Logan, Senior Coordinator on 07768603816 or by e-mail