Primary 6 School pupils from Kildrum Primary School were treated to a very special guest to help celebrate Scottish Women and Girls in Sport week, as Scotland superstar Erin Cuthbert joined them for a virtual Q&A.

With the children spending time to plan some questions, Erin – fresh from a double-header with the national team – spent time talking with them about her career so far.

Erin highlighted the importance of spending time and making friendships with a different people, when asked if she had a best friend in football.

“It’s important that you’ve got best friends and close friends that you can rely on, but for me I’m a bit of a social butterfly – I like to talk to different people. At Chelsea I like to sit at different tables when we go for lunch, because it’s important you get to know everybody.

“The more you get to know everybody, the more that you would do anything for each other. So keeping to a lot of different friends is important, but of course – like you will as well – you’ve got close people that you can rely on.”

When asked about her most memorable moment in football, Erin stressed the importance hard work, as well as some the fact that there have been both ups and downs in her career.

“My best moment is qualifying for the World Cup. Without a doubt. I wasn’t even in control of my arms and legs when I was celebrating the moment we had qualified!”

The time Erin spent with Primary Six clearly had a big impact, with teacher Ms Benson reporting:

“The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They asked if they could spend the rest of the morning researching Erin to find out more information about her career. Hopefully it has sparked a fire inside some of them to pursue a career in football.”