As you may know, the SYFA Player Pathway is currently in a state of transition.  ESSDA currently have 2003 players participating in the football 4's and they will continue to do so until November 2011.  In March 2012, they will be called 9's (not under 9's as previously) and play football 7's.  ESSDA as yet have not planned for the 2004 kids, who, technically would have started in August 2011.  To address this, they want to look at the possibility of starting up football 4's for this age group, potentially from March 2011.
ESSDA are aware there are currently 2004 kids playing in the football 4's but need to ensure they are playing at a level which is suitable for them.  However, facilities and equipment may be a stumbling block to getting this up and running.  ESSDA would be looking to identify venues and co-ordinators to run such events. 
John Brock has arranged a meeting for teams who may be interested in playing 2004 kids for Sunday 6 February 2011 at 7.30pm in the Clubhouse of Bonnyrigg Rose.  He would urge you or someone from your club to attend.  If there is not enough interest, this age group probably won’t start until March 2012.  This is an opportunity for everyone to work together and get something off the ground to ensure young boys get the chance to play organised football.
It's number 3 on the map. Staiside park.
If you have any questions, please contact John on 0776 730 5341.