Football Ambassadors from across the West Region came together on a wet and windy Friday night for an in-service on sport science for young players.

The dedicated volunteers who are made up from coaches of Scottish FA Quality Mark clubs from within the West Region travelled from far and wide to attend, discuss the topical issues and they will now return to their clubs and inform their own coaches about the developments discussed.

Jaymie Mart Nutritional Manager for the Lucozade Sport Science Team was the guest speaker for this session and gave a presentation to the coaches with an insight into modern day sport science. The presentation covered topics such as nutrition and hydration specific to football and how best the coaches can incorporate this vital information into their clubs coaching philosophy.

After the presentation Jaymie took the Football Ambassadors out to the pitch for some practical demonstrations on football specific sports science testing. The topics covered included players reaction time, speed and physical endurance as well a practical demonstration on how proper hydration can influence a players performance.

Jaymie Mart Nutritional Manager for the Lucozade Sport Science Team “Best practice in nutrition and hydration is very important for all athletes, if we can introduce these concepts at a young age we can help to produce good habits and increase performance potential for all players”

The Football Ambassadors will meet 4 times a year in the West Region covering a number of different football topics that will benefit young players within the west Region,

So far the Football Ambassadors have covered topics such as

• Pre Season Training
• Goalkeeping Coaching
• Scottish FA skills testing
• Level 4 Preparation

Danny Bisland West Region Club Development Manager “The Football Ambassadors are vital for the development of football in Scotland; these Ambassadors will now go back to their clubs and relay this information to some 500 coaches and these in-service will benefit nearly 5000 players across the West Region.”

“We will look to provide in-service in the needs and the wants of the Football Ambassadors to ensure that they are receiving the most beneficial knowledge that can help their clubs and hopefully give a positive experience for young players”

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