We all know what an important part of people’s lives football can be. From playing, coaching, volunteering, supporting to officiating and beyond. Hundreds of thousands of Scots have had that regular activity paused while we all do our bit to delay the spread of the Coronavirus by staying at home.

However, that does not mean that all the invaluable physical activity and social interaction that football brings has also paused. Scotland has some of the best examples of community clubs in Europe, and they have more than stepped up to the plate with numerous fantastic and innovative ways to continue to support their players, volunteers and communities during this challenging time for us all.

On The Ball

Training venues for footballers across the country have changed significantly in the last two weeks, but only having a living room or back garden hasn’t stopped our clubs keeping players engaged with some healthy competition and creative skills to be learned.

Young and old, there’s something out there for everyone, and the sharing of the content via social media has created nationwide collaboration and interactions.

Skills For Life

It’s not just football challenges that some of our community clubs have laid down to their members. With kids across the country now also 'working from home', some of our clubs have issued football related school-work tasks to keep motivation levels high and give some inspiration to parents now finding themselves acting as teachers as well.

Clubs for Communities

We often talk about the 'Football Family' and the incredible power our sport has to positively impact lives. This is so often driven by our clubs who are at the heart of their communities, understanding local needs.

It isn't remotely surprising therefore, but still incredibly inspiring, to see that ethos shine through stronger than ever during these unprecedented times, as staff and volunteers go that extra mile to support the community around them.

The mass of online activity to keep people active is incredible, but there are thousands of people not accessing these platforms, who will feel more isolated and vulnerable than ever before – our clubs continue to look to support these individuals, making sure they know they are still part of that family.  

Supporting our NHS

The current pandemic has put a lot into perspective for all of us, and as integral a part of our national fabric as football is, it is of little significance next to the daily selfless efforts of our incredible NHS Scotland staff and the wider network of key workers who are keeping the country the going.

Many of our clubs joined in showing their support to these groups and sharing the important message for the rest of us to #StayHomeSaveLives