St. Andrews day saw the last Local Authority football forum in the South East Region for 2009 and was held in Penicuik Town Hall, Midlothian.  The forum was attended by 8 of Midlothian’s 12 Youth Clubs along with local Junior side Bonnyrigg Rose and was led by Scottish FA staff members Mark Munro and David Drummond.

Regional Club Development Manager David Drummond said “These forums have been  well attended throughout the course of the year as Clubs look for more information on how to continually grow and develop.  They provide a great opportunity for club representatives to come together and discuss the game at a local level”.

There are now forums in each of the 5 Local Authorities that make up the Scottish FA’s South East Region.  Club representatives have seen presentations on facility development, funding support, positive coaching and sports injuries as well as covering a wide range of topics on how to grow and develop their club over the months and years ahead.

The South East Region will be holding more club forums in 2010 and information will be sent out to clubs as soon as this has been confirmed.  Provisional dates are as follows:

West Lothian:  Monday 18th January, 6.30pm, Venue TBC
East Lothian:  Monday 25th January, 6.30pm, Penston House, Macmerry
Midlothian:  Monday 22nd February, 6.30pm, Penicuik Town Hall
Scottish Borders:  Thursday 25th February, 7.30pm, Netherdale, Galashiels
Edinburgh:  Monday 15th February, 6.30pm, Peffermill, Edinburgh

For further information on Football Forums and Club Development, please contact David Drummond at the regional office.