Following discussions between the Scottish FA South East Region and City of Edinburgh Council staff regarding the pricing policy for the 3G synthetic pitches at Forrester/St Augustine’s Schools we can confirm the following arrangements are in place;

“The commercial pitch was initially supposed to be kept for commercial use only incurring a higher rate, but due to the huge demand for the 3G pitches, sense has prevailed and both pitches are being used for the community clubs as there is demand for it. Regardless of the pitch that is being used, if the user is entitled to a youth rate they are being given the youth rate for their hire.

The commercial rate comes into play for commercial users who are using it as a one off for a last minute booking e.g. Cowdenbeath FC used it a few weeks ago when their pitch was unplayable. They pay the commercial rate for this booking, which is £90, but do not have the option of using it on a regular basis or booking it more than a few days in advance. It is used primarily if we can accommodate a last minute booking around the other regular bookings by the community clubs, which is obviously our priority.

To confirm, presently, the youth rate is set at £50ph, adult at £75 and commercial at £90, for the full pitch”.

Please also note that Sports Development Staff are currently trying to negotiate with the school to introduce a games rate for the 3G pitches, where clubs can pay a one-off rate for matches, rather than the hourly rate they are currently being charged.

For more information on bookings and availability please contact Fiona Hanvey on 0131 334 9262.

The Scottish FA South East Region are also working with the Council through the Edinburgh Sports Facility Partnership which comprises of Council representatives from Cultural Services, Children & Families and Edinburgh Leisure. One of the areas for discussion at the moment is gaining access (at an affordable rate) to the school estate for community sports clubs. The Council has established a group called ‘Community Access Through Schools (CATS)” that is currently reviewing the management, access and pricing policies for school sports facilities in Edinburgh. We will continue to update our clubs in due course.