The Scottish FA South East Region will be hosting a Regional Futsal Workshop on Friday 3rd December from 7.30pm – 9.00pm (please note date change) at Dalkeith Campus School, Midlothian.

Hibs legend, Keith Wright will be delivering the workshop which is aimed at coaches whose teams will be participating in the various futsal programmes during the winter months as well as those coaches who want to further develop their coaching skills and knowledge to provide high quality coaching sessions for their clubs.

Why Use Futsal in the Winter to Develop Creative Players?

Over the years Scottish football has been synonymous with exciting and creative players who get fans on the edge of their seats. Players developed naturally in a street environment which has now unfortunately been lost and as a result young players now spend less time practicing individual skills which help creative ability.

The game of futsal has been played in countries such as Brazil for years where they have used this game format to help develop technically competent and creative players. This workshop is designed to help encourage coaches to utilise futsal in the winter months to develop creative aspects of players and create more technically able performers. Within the game at whatever age and ability level, the 1v1 situation is central to a player’s development. To enable players to master these 1v1 situations from an attacking perspective, particular focus should be placed on individual technique training, because technical skill forms the foundation for tactical play.

By attending this workshop and encouraging young players to be more responsible for practicing key skills you will be able to develop more complete and technical players.

The workshop will take place on the following date;

Friday  3rd December
Dalkeith Campus School (Indoor Hall)
7.30p - 9.00pm

To confirm your place on these free workshops please return the completed application form and send to, Aidan Forbes, SFA South East Region, Mcarthur Pavilion, 42 Peffermill Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5LL or email

Please call 0131 667 8245 if you have any queries.