A group of coaches who work with the most talented young female players in Scotland spent a week at the French Football Federation’s National Training Centre at Clairefontaine to observe and discuss models of good practice.

Clairefontaine has been instrumental in producing some of the top players in Europe in both the women’s and men’s game.


The aim of the trip was for coaches to look at good practice and incorporate into the regional programmes. North regional coach, and Women’s A squad goalkeeping coach, Gary Watt, was part of the trip.


He said: "It was fantastic to be part of the trip, working with all of the coaches in the  regional squad programme and seeing some of facilities and programmes in another part of the world."

Scottish FA North regional manager Graeme Sutherland explained: "This is a very exciting time for girls' and women’s football. We are just about to start the new league programme and over the next few weeks we will be selecting players for our regional squad programme.

"The regional squads are a great opportunity for young players to develop and progress to national level, and it's a great opportunity for coaches too. We are particularly proud that Gary Watt has been travelling with the Scotland women's A squad as goalkeeping coach, and wish him all the best in this role.


For more information on the girls' game in the North region, please contact the regional office on 01343 540101 or north@scottishfa.co.uk