After the huge success of last years fun 4s this years festival Is back and bigger than before.  We have received a huge response from this year’s application and numbers have come in thick and fast.  This year’s festivals will see 64 teams playing from across 25 clubs.  The 4 v 4 football initiatives allow the teams to come together on a fortnightly basis where they can play numerous games in the small sided format.  These festivals will provide the opportunity for teams to play their games against other clubs in a fun and controlled environment.

The main feedback from last years coaches was that the small sided format allowed their players to play in a fun and organised environment, but more importantly they had a chance to score plenty of goals.

The great response in numbers has brought the need to change session times.  Sessions are now –
9.45am – 10.45am
11am – 12pm
12.15pm – 1.15pm

If your team have registered for the festivals and have not yet been alerted on your change of time, please contact us at 01294 317430 or email