East Kilbride FC (EKFC) have teamed up with local collector Can Do Recycling to set players the mission of collecting as many cans as possible.

The challenge— part of a year-and-a-half-long fundraising drive — resulted in 40 local businesses getting involved and over 200 bags of cans collected, contributing towards a recycling total so-far of £1300.

All of the money raised goes directly to the club, paying for equipment, such as new training bibs, and funding outreach programmes like the award winning EKFC Sunday Club, aimed at children with additional support needs.

Graeme Mathie, the Scottish FA’s South West Region’s club development manager, said: “EKFC's can recycling initiative is another example of the club's ethos and vision to be more than just a football club.

“Initiatives like this really help all the teams to work together and I know there has been a very healthy competitive element to it when the monthly targets are published.

“EKFC have identified two sections of their club which will benefit from the money raised and it's great to see a Community Club thinking of new ways to raise funds and assist the development of their club.”

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